North East Golf Draws - Information for Club Secretaries

Submitting Open Dates:
Clubs should email me their Open dates for publicising on the website, giving the dates in chronological order, competition details and entry fees.  Or clubs may wish to send me their own entry form complete with dates and prices, which should be emailed to me as an attachment in Word or Excel.  My email address is

Alternatively clubs may send the dates by post to the following address
 Mrs K Esslemont, 6 Links View, Cruden Bay, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, AB42 0RF.

Competitors will be able to print your entry form or one similar to this one off the website and subsequently post the entry form to the Club.

I will publish on the Calendar the dates of the Opens as they are received, and will add any changes as advised by the Club concerned.
Any cancelled or postponed competitions will also be posted on the website.

Submitting draws:
When you have completed your draw, you should have the following information:

Name of Golf Club
Name of Open Competition
Date of Open Competition
Information if any regarding late entries
List of Abbreviations for Clubs

Draw Format:  
The format sent to the P&J is fine, or the draw may be typed up in Word or Excel, and sent as an attachment.  If using Word it will look better if you create a table (with or without borders) rather than using tabs, as it will look neater online, but any format will be OK.

The draw must then be E-MAILED to myself.  You should enclose the Word or Excel file as an attachment, or paste the draw into the body of the email.   Any subsequent changes or additions you wish published should be sent by emailing the WHOLE DRAW again as above.

You may email me the draw by clicking  here.  My email address is

I will make every effort to publish the draw on the website on the day it is sent.

Charges 2018: Participating Golf Clubs pay an annual fee to cover all their open competitions for the season.
Annual fee:- 10 per open;  50 for 5 - 8 opens;  80 for 9 or more opens.  
Cheques to be made payable to and sent to 
Mrs K Esslemont, 6 Links View, Cruden Bay, Peterhead,  Aberdeenshire, AB42 0RF.

Kathleen Esslemont
For more information Email
Or Tel 01779 813389